Friday, March 18

Community Supplies Reorganized

I have been back and forth with how to manage student supplies. My first year teaching, I let my students keep their own supplies in their pencil boxes and used individual desks. That was a mess. When I began teaching kindergarten, I knew I wanted tables in place of desks and heeded the advice of my kindergarten team and went to a community supply system. However, the containers I used never really fit the bill and I went through two different iterations looking for a neat, workable system. I felt badly that the pencil boxes were never used for anything and so this year I decided to give them another chance. The boxes fit nicely in my table tubs and allowed the students a sense of ownership. That soon turned into boxes that were empty and boxes that wouldn't close--depending on the organizational skills and the hoarder-tendencies of each child. So, when I came across these containers I impulsed and bought one for each table group. The pencil boxes now hold sight word cards, word family flip books, and sticker charts. The containers hold not only pencils and crayons, but leveled books as well. It is working great and the kids adjusted really well to the community supply system. If you like the look of these supply boxes, I found them at Party City (they are actually meant for holding napkins and utensils).


Sara said...

I like the size of these containers!! I am using table tubs right now, which hold our crayons and pencils. Thanks for sharing!

Hadar said...

This is such a good idea!!