Monday, April 4

I'll love you forever...

Is there any better phrase than that? I caught that one on a fly-by in the hall today. One of last year's kinders ran up and hugged me and said, "I'll love you forever..." and ran away. Too sweet! He was one of my favorites (not that I keep favorites mind) despite challenging me regularly. That just made my day. I needed a boost like that today (first day back to work after spring break and all). I'm still smiling! :)


Jena Snowden said...

I love when something like that happens! It always seems like when you're feeling down at work, one of your school babies does something to remind you why you teach.

1st Grade with Miss Snowden

Shannon said...

My favorite quote as of late "I just want to hug you the rest of my life" from one of my little quiet ones :)

Angela said... precious aren't they? My favorite so far is "I like it when you smile because it makes your circles go up!" Cracked me up. :)