Tuesday, April 19

Listening Center

I am joining the Listening Center Linky Party over at Primary Inspired. If you haven't seen it yet, head on over for links to see how others incorporate and manage their listening centers.

My own listening center is pending some cd player replacements, however, this is how I usually have them set up: I have been using simple (less expensive) portable cd players. I preload the cd's so the kids never have to touch them. They only have to push play and stop. The book is always ready for the next listener since they do not have to hit rewind. I try to keep six different books loaded on six separate players. I store the pre-loaded cd player, headphones, and book in a tote bag. When six players are functional...there are six totes ready to go for six kiddos to listen at a time. The totes are stored in a crate. When a student selects the listening center, they grab a tote and find a place to listen. I would change out the books every two weeks or so. Having six books to listen to allowed me more time between this task.

Unfortunately, not all of the players are functional at this time. Movement around the room leads to more droppage...and breakage. Sad...yes, but just another one of those things. Hopefully it can be up and running again soon! :)


Brenda said...

Thanks for linking up! I've been thinking of adding portable CD players to my room (in addition to the stationary one). Hmmmm...
Primary Inspired

Angela said...

It's nice in that they can choose from the six book options instead of having to listen to one book. It also eliminates the argument over who gets to operate the player...and it keeps the kids more spread out. But, as mentioned...the portables are less durable. It's a toss-up! :)