Thursday, April 14

Race Day Wrap Up

Well folks race day is at a close. The snail races are complete and the challengers are enjoying a much deserved rest and salad feast. It was quite the spectacle and the crowd went wild! Team leaders cheered and watched with baited breath as their snails battled to the finish. The clear motivator today was food...snails will race for lettuce and carrots! It was fun for all (with only one meltdown over race results). Check out the slideshow below for a picture-perfect wrap up of today's events!
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Anonymous said...

The land snails are my favorite - I wish I could keep a few for my class pet. Even my picky kids were brave enough to play with them. So much fun.

Angela said...

They do love them. And I have to admit that they are growing on me too. We can keep them "technically", but I will have to give up the science kit in a few weeks...need to transfer them to a new habitat. Most of our teachers do what the book says and euthanize in the freezer. Seems so sad.

Thanks for commenting! :)