Sunday, April 24

Ready for Mother's Day?

I am joining the Mother's Day Ideas Linky Party at K: Double Stuffed and The Teacher's Lounge. Head over there for more ideas and to share your own! Here are two Mother's Day projects I have done in the past. I love how the card turns out, but it takes some prep work to do with kindergarteners. For the card: Print on cardstock, pre-cut the outline of the butterfly wings (keep attached to body), fold wings forward. Print poem on the white side of a colorful print scrapbook paper cut to 8 1/2 by 11, glue colored side down inside of butterfly card so that the scrapbook color shows under the wings and the poem is face up inside of the card. Alternatively, you can print the poem on paper and have the kids cut around it and glue it in the card and then glue a 8 1/2 by 5 1/2 piece of scrapbook paper just behind the butterfly. Very cute! For the book: print either single or double-sided. The last page makes the cover. If printed double sided, insert the second page inside and staple. If printed single-sided, fold so the words are to the outside and insert pages into folded cover with the open edge on the staple line.
Mothers Day Card
Mother's Day Book


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