Wednesday, April 6

Whole Brain Teaching

We recently had a mini-training during a staff meeting on a couple of whole brain teaching strategies. I jotted down the website on my meeting folder and moved on with my day. I did test out the "Class-Yes" strategy with my kinders and was pleasantly surprised with how well they responded. Do they hush every time I use it??? they do always answer. It will take some practice to get it working well, but it was a good start. Then I saw a link to the website on Ashley Nichol's blog- The Polka Dot Patch. So, I headed on over to and wow did I come away with some great tips and resources! We have been using the five class rules all week along with the K-4 scoreboard game. I wasn't sure how it would go with kinders (who love their primary reinforcers), but they have a blast with the "mighty oh yeah!" and the "mighty groan".  I have a couple of sweeties that are trying to buck the system...but I am certain they will join the fold soon. If you have not explored this awesome resource...pour yourself a cup of something nice and take some time to peruse!

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Andi said...

I love Power Teaching! I only wish my kids could do the "Teach" part. I've used it the past two years and I'm pleased with it. Plus, the 'live' workshops are a lot of fun to attend.