Tuesday, May 10

Getting Ready for Next Year...

We have 28 more days to go still...dare I think about next year already? Yes. I can't help it, but next year is still "up in the air". I am anxious to know with relative certainty which grade level I will be assigned to and in which school. While I have not been riffed (again)...being at the bottom of the seniority list makes me fodder for being bumped around. We will see what happens. Supposedly our staff meeting tomorrow will provide us preliminary placements for next year. Nonetheless, I am joining the linky party at time4kindergarten and letting my mind wander straight ahead to next year!

Regardless of what grade level I end up in (unless they do the unthinkable and move me way up to 5th or 6th) I am thinking about themes and decor. I am making to do lists aplenty and have lofty plans for wiling away the hours of summer in preparation. Three years of teaching...and I have yet to feel ahead of the game. My goal is to have the plan laid out for the year and much done toward making it happen. I hope to have numerous units ready to go as well as homework packets and of course all of the classroom paraphernalia together (nametags, journals, passes, etc).

Copies are tricky without a definite grade level. But, I end up doing a lot of printing at home anyway. I also do most laminating at home as well...just easier and tends to separate less often.

I will be doing quite a bit of professional reading this summer and focusing on how to make my next year go much more smoothly. I want my lessons to be much more "intentional" and to work on getting my students to be more independent and goal-oriented.

What are you doing to prepare for next fall? If you are in the same boat as I am...how do you plan without knowing your placement? I'd love to know your tips!


Mrs. Mugurussa said...

Thanks for joining the Linky Party
Time 4 Kindergarten

Ashley said...

I hope that you get to stay in your classroom for next year! I have been teaching for seven years and I still have days that I wonder what I am doing. YOu will get it and it sounds like you are doing great! :)

Angela said...

Thank you! Word today is that it looks like I can stick with kindergarten--as long as enrollment matches expectations. The question now is stay in the same room (next to 6th graders) or move into an actual (retiring teacher's) kinder room. You can guess what I'd prefer, but the room is highly sought after already. We'll see. I've yet to be in the same room two years in a row...there would be something to be said for that too! :o) BTW, thanks for following and commenting!

Mrs. Bee said...

Sounds WAY too familiar! I'm down in Oregon and we are going through the same RIF crud. When will it end???

Mrs. Bee
Bee's KinderGarden