Saturday, May 28

Problem Solved...finally!

Have you ever downloaded the most awesome resource that someone posted only to open it on your computer and see this...?
This was my BIGGEST frustration and has kept me from purchasing many of the wonderful units offered by the amazing bloggers I follow...for fear of paying for a botched download! I have struggled with this for months and gave one last idea a try. See...I own a MacBook and therefore run Preview to open PDF files. I have been hesitant to say the least to download Adobe or Microsoft programs to my Mac for fear of opening myself up to the virus risk. But, today I threw caution out the window and downloaded Adobe Reader for Mac...and now all of the files that used to look that the one above now look like this instead...!

I feel a bit technologically challenged at times...especially when it comes to getting to know my Mac and getting to know some of this fangled html stuff I'm encountering. So, a win like this makes me very happy! By the way, the pics above are snapshots of an awesome new freebie being offered by Oceans of Fun in First Grade. If it peeks your interest as it did mine, then hop on over! I love her blog and have found many terrific ideas and resources.

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Wendi said...

I had the same problem and finally figured it out, too! Macs rock, but that Preview stuff, not so much. :)