Saturday, May 7


The worms arrived in our room last week. We are now the proud caretakers of 30 redworms and a dozen nightcrawlers. It is really funny how excited kinders get over new organisms...regardless of how each new set has gotten a little ickier than the last! Fish: cool, snails: interesting though slimy, worms: hide all day and not so cool, and next up...isopods (sow bugs and pill bugs): let's just say, "Do we have to???"

Anyway, the kinders had "fun" checking out their worms. Only one had the misfortune of becoming shorter from mishandling (note: do not let kinders dangle worms by the tail). Some loved them, some hated them, some got used to them...all of their faces were priceless! We filled in a graphic organizer to describe the worms (using a template style inspired by Fran at Kinder Crayons). See our fun below!
A Worm
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Mrs. Coe said...

Thank you so much for sharing! Let's follow each other and keep in touch. I am LOOKING at those nightcrawlers...YIKES

Angela said...

Hah! You made me choke on my merlot when I read your email/comment! :oP Yes, those nightcrawlers are HUGE...and I had to touch them!!! Flashback to my snails post, "Don't be afraid sweetie, just hold out your hand..." Oh man, we must really love teaching!

I now follow you too...thanks for stopping in. I'd love to keep in touch!