Friday, June 17

Boxes, Bubbles, and Boys

Today was our last full day of school. A half day Monday and then I will be picking up stray broken crayons from a bare room. Today was high energy...they had all of it. I was under the weather and just praying to remain upright and in charge. Two of my teenage daughters came with me and spent the day packing up boxes of books, math tools, wall items, and so forth...a HUGE help. But I couldn't have gotten through the day without my magic bubbles and sidewalk chalk. The boys especially were extra rowdy and absolutely off-task. Their tempers were surging and I was sad to see their last full day go so poorly. All that aside, with plenty of refocus (i.e. my thumb on them all day) we accomplished our last readers' workshop, packed up student belongings, and scrubbed tables and chairs. The bubbles and chalk at recess put a smile on everyone's face and the sun did me loads of good. Tomorrow I will tackle the paperwork mountain and complete my report cards. With any luck, I will have some pep back in my step too!
I took home oodles of broken crayons to melt into large multicolor crayon shapes this weekend. I will also tie up their Penny & a Kiss treats with tulle and ribbon to hand out on Monday. Does anyone have a suggestion for a super last day of school picture book to read? We've done Miss Bindergarten and also The Last Day Blues already. I'd love to hear your ideas!
Angela :o)

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