Tuesday, June 7

Math Work Stations Chapter 3

What should your math work stations look like, sound like, and feel like?
This gave me some good things to ponder. I like things quiet…are they ever quiet in kindergarten? Um…no. So I guess the goal is for it not to be manic or raise-the-roof loud. Obviously kids working together learning are going to make some noise. I would like to do a better job training next year’s group on using quiet voices when working. I would like to look about the room and see them interacting and talking about what they are learning. In a perfect example, they would remain in their station area focused and engaged in their activity. The room would feel relaxed, with alive with the buzz (not roar) of learning, and remain tidy. Learning would be evident.

What does your management board look like?
No pics, but my goal is to create one very like Ms. Diller’s Work station board in the book. Without spending money, I could assign a current pocket chart for math stations. I love the idea of using kid’s pictures and names on cards and simplifying the naming of stations using numbers with dots as a numerical cue. Two students would be assigned per station and each pair assigned two stations per day. I am so grateful for so many wonderful pictures and examples to get my brain thinking. I am anxious to get started! I already use photo/name cards for my lunch signup board…I take their picture when they visit one-on-one with parents on the first day of school. Then I get cards ready for their first actual day with me. I would simply have to prepare another set…perhaps one for literacy too??? Hmmm…

How do you support math vocabulary  (math talk cards) in your stations?
This too will be new for me. I love the idea of including talking cards in each station workbox. Teaching kindergarten, each card will have to use many picture cues, large simple text, and be modeled repeatedly. I am thinking that I also want to set up a math corner and will post math concept pictures and vocabulary in this area. I am finding myself wishing I were able to get started setting up my new room RIGHT NOW…but I will have to settle for writing ideas down so I do not forget!

I will post pictures and downloads soon…the creative juices are starting to flow. I’m hoping to decide on definitive classroom theme asap and will go from there. For the time, I’m enjoying reading everyone else’s amazing ideas! Way to go! Be sure to link up at Learning with Mrs. Parker and join in on a fabulous discussion!
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S. Parker said...

Thanks for joint the discussion. I think you are off to a great start. I'm not sure if anything is ever really quiet in kindergarten. :)
But productive, accountable talk would be good.