Sunday, June 19

Math Work Stations Chapter 5

Math Work Stations Chapter 5: Addition and Subtraction Work Stations

This was another great chapter to read. I can see that this book is going to be my "bible" all next year as I work on setting up, modeling, managing, and adapting math stations for my kindergarteners! I am so excited about all of these ideas. It is gratifying to see some of what I have done in the book...math was not a complete loss this year. But, I can see so clearly how differently it is all going to go next year and how much better it is going to be!

I love the idea of using name cards (with pictures) on a ring in station boxes for making up addition and subtraction stories. My kids were forever running over to the lunch sign up board to see how to spell a friend's name. This will keep them in one spot, give them practice with names, keep them engaged telling stories that incorporate each other, and be so much fun. I also like the idea of using literature (which I have already done to some extent with math books) to bring number concepts to life and keep them interesting. What fun to tell math stories about the characters they've recently enjoyed during read aloud!

Scaffolding cards for helping students put together story problems was another "aha" moment. I was a little frustrated trying to get kinders to write number sentences to tell about their stories...they're just not all ready for this. The scaffold sets them up for success and exposes them to the concept so that they can build on that skill later. These have a dual purpose of supporting math talk at these stations. I have used mats for telling stories...which always go over well. One is below for you. But, check back later for more!
farm mat
The kinders love to use counters to tell stories, but my selection is not very big yet. So, I often make 2D counters with clip art to make up for that. I remember several weeks past a post (not sure who anymore) about animal masks found at Target and Michaels. These would be awesome for acting out story problems during whole group. I have yet to try to find them...but it is on my to do list! How about puppets and a puppet theater to tell math stories at a station? Fran Kramer also posted about using the animal paper plates for addition and subtraction. I have used these and I can tell you that they kinders LOVED this. They tended to argue over particular plates, but including them in a partner station rather than using them whole group would eliminate this problem. Did I mention how happy I am about this book??? Keep coming back to visit for more ideas as I get them ready! And thanks for stopping by today!


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