Sunday, June 5

Summer is in Sight...Sight Words That Is

I need to give a few of my kiddos one last bit of practice to make sure they know all 18 of our kindergarten sight words. I'll be assessing this later this week for the last time. Most of them know all 18 and more (though many keep calling the word am the word me for some strange reason). But a small handful are still not confident with all of the words. And everyone loves to color. So, here is an activity they can do tomorrow while I have a guest teacher (another meeting) that will give them a last little bit of practice. Sight words in a beachy-summer font. They turned out pretty cute, so I'm sharing. Use them if you can. If you aren't following yet, I'd love to have you along! Thanks to all who do!
Summer Sight Words


Dual Kinder Teacher said...

Super cute font!

Angela said...

Thanks! It's from a teacher font cd...that I'm currently looking for to tell you its name. Hmmm...might be at school. I'll let you know later if you're interested.

Jessica said...

I LOVE YOUR SUMMER SIGHT WORDS!! They are so cute! I'm a new follower! =)