Thursday, July 7

Favorite Books Linky Party

If there is one thing I LOVE more than anything else, it is reading books. My shelves at school are full, my shelves at home are full, my bedside table drawers are full, my kids' shelves are full, and there are always more books coming home. Add to that my new favorite Nook (not full yet) and my passion for reading seems more like an obsession!

Anyway, that said, when I discovered that Runde's Room was hosting a Favorite Books Linky Party I could not resist joining in! I just finished reading The Book Whisperer myself and am truly inspired to share my love of reading with my students. But, first I will share it with you! So, here are my favorite books (categorized and linked)...maybe we have something in common?

Childhood Favorites:
 Pippi Longstocking, The Chronicles of Narnia, Judy Bloom books, The Little House on the Prairie books (did anyone else out there wish they could be Laura Ingalls?), The Witch of Blackbird Pond... I could go on...

Classroom Favorites:
Bear Snores On, Froggy Fable, Enemy Pie, The Recess Queen, Stand Tall Molly Lou Melon, Ladybug Girl, A Place to Grow, all Eric Carle books, A Visitor for I have to stop??? For chapter book read alouds, I love to read Mrs. Piggle Wiggle, Mr. Popper's Penguins, Charlotte's Web...if only there were more time...

Read to My Own Children Favorites:
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, The Lightning Thief, and most classics...I even read Ivanhoe to my oldest (and twice to myself since). When they were littler I loved to read them Dr. Seuss books, Eric Carle books, P.J. Funnybunny, and every fairy tale possible.

Professional Favorites:
The Daily 5, The CAFE Book, Already Ready, In Pictures and In Words, No More "Im Done!", The Book Whisperer, Reading with Meaning, Teaching with Intention, Kindergarten Literacy, Words Their Way, Math Work Stations, can you say addicted??? Yes, I recreate by working...:o/

Guilty Pleasure Favorites:
Harry Potter, The Outlander series, every version of Pride & Prejudice there is (except the zombie version...but especially Mr. Darcy's Diary), all Jane Austin really (but is that really a guilty pleasure?? I think not.) I'm currently reading A Game of Thrones...definitely a guilty pleasure.

It's your turn! Join the linky party and tell us about YOUR favorite books!


Runde's Room said...

Thanks for linking up today! And I TOTALLY wanted to be Laura Ingalls!

Angela Wageman said...

I couldn't resist...thanks for hosting! :o)

Beverley Baird said...

I can so relate! I have books everywhere. I have so books at school, can you believe a teacher told me I had too many books??!!
I forgot about the Harry Potter books and Outlander! Loved both series! Just waiting for the last HPmovie!

Madison said...

Oh! You listed a bunch I forgot! I love the Little House Series and Narnia. Looks like I will have to look into Outlander as well.

Angela Wageman said...

So many good books and so little time! Thank you for your comments! Madison, I enjoyed Outlander (the series is not over yet...and the next book not sad). It falls under historical fiction with a bit of time travel (though not sci-fi at all) I loved the glimpse into Scotland and traveling through history with Claire and Jamie.

Beverly--Harry Potter tonight! My 19 yr. old gets to work the concession for the midnight show...ten sold out auditoriums! Yikes that's a lot of die hard fans!