Thursday, July 28

Freebie and a goal...

Part One: I am a happy girl this morning. I've sold four aprons, I've sold my first Teacher's Notebook item, my Facebook is up to 40 "Likes", and my blog has over 170 followers! Oh my goodness...I'm feeling the love! Thank you, thank you! In celebration, here is a freebie for you. I hope you can use it in your classroom!

Part Two: I have a goal. I am sitting so close to 200 followers that I think my little blog can make it there this weekend with your help! And wouldn't it be cool if my Facebook made it to 100? So, here's the deal. When Just Love Teaching hits 200 followers and 100 Facebook likes, I will give away the apron of the winner's choosing and load the pockets with goodies (including amongst some teacher favorite supplies...a surprise gift card)! Spread the word...can we do it this weekend??? Check back so you don't miss your shot at an apron!
Angela :o)

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