Thursday, July 21

Lessons from a week of VBS

I have spent the week at Vacation Bible School at my church. I have had the immense pleasure of teaching the preschool crafts sessions to 54 oh so sweet 3-5 year olds. It has been a barrel of laughs and a reminder of where they all come from before coming to kindergarten! I cringe giving kinders scissors on the first day of school...preschoolers...yikes! But, at least I'm giving them a smidgeon of practice before they go to school!

Something the pastor's wife said this morning during our morning gathering struck home for me and I wanted to share. She asked how many times it is mentioned in the New Testament to come to Jesus as children. (She didn't know the number either, but it is a lot). The idea is that children love you, want you to love them, and they want to spend time with you. The purpose of her comment being VBS related, it still struck me as an important reminder.

The kindergarteners that are in my class each year want to love me (as their teacher), want my love and approval in return, and want to spend time with me. Sometimes on a difficult day, this is hard to remember or accept. But, just that little bit of positive attention every day makes a world of difference. For some, our kind words might be the only ones they hear in a sad as that is. So I am making it my goal this year to be more proactive and intentional about my positive comments.

During the Daily 5 workshop I attended, it was suggested that when working with "barometer" children especially that keeping a chart for yourself to log your positive comments/acknowledgements is important. We need to be aware of how often we interact with these students and look for when we start to lose that. These little guys more than anyone need a lot of positive interaction to gain their trust. They showed us a simple hourly chart that they use for this purpose...something like this...
Simple, but good. Best wishes and more ramblings tomorrow! :o)

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