Friday, July 22

Sew Enjoying Summer!

Too cute not to share...check out my little man at my sewing machine!

He asked if I would help him make a pillow. I'm not sure he was anticipating sitting at the machine himself, but he did it...and learned a few things in the process. 1. Keep your eyes on what you are doing. 2. Slow and steady is best. 3. Keep on the straight and narrow. 4. Pins can be boogers! He even learned how to whip stitch his pillow closed by hand after he stuffed it with fluff...with big ten-year-old boy stitches of course, but he was elated with the result. Where is he now? Still sleeping with his new squishy soft orange pillow!
Gotta love summer and the time you get to spend with your kids...this never would have happened during the year between his homework and my obsessive compulsive after-work/before-work behavior!  So, just a reminder to savor each day of summer while it lasts and have some fun with your kids! :o)


S. Parker said...

So true. My four year old and I just made breakfast and he helped.

Andi said...

So cute! He'll love that pillow forever.

Angela Wageman said...

Yes he was fun to see him concentrating so hard to make it. That's what summer is for...making memories! :o)