Sunday, August 21

Catching up...

I haven't posted for almost a days have been full of classroom organization, swim lessons, orthodontist appointments, and miscellaneous errands. I'm slowly making progress in my room, but definitely have a ways to go. Hopefully I can attend to the walls this week. The books are 99% done...biggest job ever. The piles on the floor are put away and ready to be labeled. That all makes a difference in my anxiety level to be sure.

I am nearly finished with my BEE Binders too! (By the way, if you are looking for 3-ring zipper pencil pouches you need to get to Wal-Mart asap...they have them with real zippers for 75 cents. The cover labels are from Deedee Wills and can be downloaded from her blog HERE. I made mine with plastic folders instead of binders to keep them smaller, but still durable.
I found some cute ribbon at Wal-Mart as well that I have been gluing to my book boxes to cutesy them up a little and coordinate them with the Dollar Tree Locker Bins I have books in as well. What do you think? Labels are in the boxes for now...I ran out of packing tape on Friday...another trip to Wal-Mart?
One more week off to finish up the room as much as possible...then it's required PD days. I'll meet my class Sept. 1st and start school on the 7th. So much to do! I am so glad I have inspiration from you all to keep me going!

Monday, August 15

New Aprons...stop by and see!

I have a few new aprons added to my shop...with more on the way before long. Stop by and see. School starts soon...order an apron and start your year off organized! Remember to use the BACK2SCHOOL code at checkout to save 15% (today...Monday 8/ the last day)! Coupon is good for special orders too. My Etsy link is on the left sidebar.

Have a blessed day!
:o) Angela

Saturday, August 13

Saturday already???

Is it really Saturday already??? It's been a crazy week and I'm not sure I actually accomplished anything! I did have to get my daughter ready to go and on a plane back across the country for her sophomore year of college. Sad day. Sad week. That actually took up most of my free time between doctor appointments, haircuts, clothes shopping, helping her with her packing job, and of course the drive to the airport. I only made it into the classroom twice this week...and only furthered the mess I think. Boo.

I had a flurry of apron sales at the beginning of the week that kept me busy as well. That was I am busy sewing more aprons to restock some designs in my Etsy shop. If you wanted a particular apron and it is gone...just email me and I will make it happen! I am so having fun with this new sewing hobby...I am finding such relaxation and happiness in the work. So keep the orders coming! I've had a wonderful response and that makes me thrilled as well. Just a reminder that the 15% off coupon code (BACK2SCHOOL) expires after the 15th of August...can you believe that Monday is the 15th of August already???

Two weeks until required staff days begin and three weeks to kinders! I have got to get hopping! Please send motivation my way! :o)

Sunday, August 7

Winner and Coupon Code

I am excited to announce the winner of the filled teacher apron...Keys4Education! Congratulations!

Thank you to everyone who  participated! I have created a coupon code for my Etsy shop. Order an apron between now and August 15th and get 15% off! Just enter this code at checkout: BACK2SCHOOL.  

:o) Angela

T minus 12 hours...did you enter?

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Good luck to all!
:o) Angela

Saturday, August 6

We Love Teachers $500 Giveaway

Have you heard about this yet? Scholastic and Oriental Trading Company are sponsoring a big giveaway.
I the link so you can enter too!

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:o) Angela

Thursday, August 4

Happy Place x two

I spent the afternoon making more mess in the midst of my the vain hope that I could get some portion of it organized. Did I mention that every cabinet/drawer/shelf is already full of stuff? I pulled it all out and started my toss pile and keep pile. Believe it or not I found listening center books...nope not MP3...not CD...not even cassette...they were the old 33 rpm LPs...a whole box of them! I posted a picture so you can reminisce with me! I tossed boxes of old 1970's activities. I felt bad (bygone era of teaching and all), but I've got to be brutal to get this organizational step complete.

The office/storage area (my half at least) is now empty and awaiting neatly contained, labeled, pretty little boxes of current teaching supplies. I could not get it all put away today. But, I also could not leave without feeling like I had accomplished something other than enlarging my mess. So...I "finished" up my desk area and carpet area. The bookcase bordering the carpet still needs to have the books organized in their bins, but at least they are out of the cardboard boxes! All in all it is getting there...I stood at my door and smiled before I left. As I like to say, "Smell the flowers. Blow out the candles. Repeat. It will all come together." So true.

Here are pics of my desk and carpet area...happy place x two!
I think I want to recover the chair.

The bulletin board behind will become my CAFE board.

The posters were left behind...stay tuned for changes...
Until tomorrow!
:o) Angela

Wednesday, August 3

Starting to take shape

It is starting to look like a classroom! Woo Hoo! What a job! It will all be worth it soon. The furniture is in place. Next up is putting all the "stuff" in its place...and then the fun decorating part. Here are some pics.

This is a shell of a math corner (couldn't get in all in one picture). It's pretty boring now, but I have lots of ideas to spruce it up:

Start of check-in area and mailboxes...again needs some "cute-ification":

This is a shell of a writing area...can't decide trapezoid table or rectangle?

Here are Daily 5 book boxes...a dollar tree find (which were wider than I thought, but cute and durable):

I am really liking the carpet area with my new rocker (toying with using the bench for the kiddos that don't sit well criss-cross):

Still a ways to go...I'll post more pics when each area gets finished.
:o) Angela

Tuesday, August 2

Mountain Climbing?

I took my first brave step into my new classroom. Oh my heavens what a mess. I knew it would always is, right? But, usually it is just my own things. Moving into a retired teacher's room means the mountain of things contains your stuff and so much more! Wowzers. This is what I walked into...

 I couldn't see over the mountain much less take pictures of walls to use to make my set-up plan later. So, we spent the day moving piles and shortening the mountain. See the mountain climber in the middle? He was big help and kept me entertained at the same time! Now it is easier to see what space I have...and do I ever have space...this room is 33' by 35'! Next step...figure out where the big stuff goes and then I can sort through the junk and put it all away. I'm thinking it's a very good thing that I have a whole month to do this!

As it turns out, most of the shelves, cupboards, and drawers are already full of stuff. This will be a process. A lot of it will be useful (some not-so-much), but check out this beauty...can't wait to gussy it up!  
After pictures to the meantime keep the giveaway entries coming!
:o)  Angela

Monday, August 1

Thank you

I want to say "thank you" to everyone who has stopped by to join my little blog and help support me in my goal. You are amazing and your comments put a smile on my face. I hope that the ideas, musings, and files I post are (and continue to be) inspiring, helpful, and relevant. I am thrilled at the response to my aprons and hope that they become a useful product to many teachers over time. My husband said to me recently, "Oh, I get it're doing this for fun!" Yes, I am making aprons for fun (and to help fund college tuition).  But, I write the blog for professional support and friendship. So, thank you for helping me grow both parts.

Just Love Teaching has 198 followers and 66 Facebook likes. Wow. Really. Wow. So, let's celebrate and get this giveaway started. I am not going to be a stickler for numbers...I am going with counting my blessings instead! To make it easier to include those who have already begun commenting, I am linking the apron giveaway to my last post. If you would like to enter, please click the picture below and leave a comment telling me that you follow and which apron you would like to win. For an additional entry, please tell me something that you love about my blog or something you would like to see here.

I will select a winner Sunday evening (August 7th) at 9 PM PDT.  Good luck everyone!
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