Saturday, August 13

Saturday already???

Is it really Saturday already??? It's been a crazy week and I'm not sure I actually accomplished anything! I did have to get my daughter ready to go and on a plane back across the country for her sophomore year of college. Sad day. Sad week. That actually took up most of my free time between doctor appointments, haircuts, clothes shopping, helping her with her packing job, and of course the drive to the airport. I only made it into the classroom twice this week...and only furthered the mess I think. Boo.

I had a flurry of apron sales at the beginning of the week that kept me busy as well. That was I am busy sewing more aprons to restock some designs in my Etsy shop. If you wanted a particular apron and it is gone...just email me and I will make it happen! I am so having fun with this new sewing hobby...I am finding such relaxation and happiness in the work. So keep the orders coming! I've had a wonderful response and that makes me thrilled as well. Just a reminder that the 15% off coupon code (BACK2SCHOOL) expires after the 15th of August...can you believe that Monday is the 15th of August already???

Two weeks until required staff days begin and three weeks to kinders! I have got to get hopping! Please send motivation my way! :o)

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