Thursday, September 1

First Impressions, Excitement, and a Funny Video

I met my kinders today! I was had knots in my tummy like I was the kinder just starting school...what's up with that? I guess I was just nervous to meet 24 new sets of parents and hoping (fingers crossed) that this was my "dream class" and that everyone would love me...

Well...19 of my 24 came through in a fluster of activity and conversations. Not too bad. I had a nice time chatting with parents and meeting my new little ones...I just wish it wasn't such an overwhelming's so hard to remember who was who afterwards! But, I feel so good about this year already...parent support is going to be up from last year...and the kinders were all so sweet today. It makes me wish we were starting school tomorrow (did I just say that???) all reality of course I will be putting the thousand finishing touches on the room from tomorrow until school starts next Wednesday!

I already have a room mom volunteer. I had a mom ask me "How can you use me to help?" EVERY supply that I said to throw on the back counter was totally sorted into beautiful piles. What can I say...I'm in love already! One little man sang his ABC's to proud. One mom gushed over my moodle site and said her son is loving playing the learning games on there...and that they already printed out the sight words to practice with him! I heard, "I was hoping it would be you!" (...first time I've ever been told that!) In short, I am in teacher heaven tonight...budget whoas be da**ed!  I was emotionally a mess all week listening to the harbingers of economic doom...the whisperings of the huge RIF to come this money for money for that...  How does one start the year with a positive attitude (energy, excitement, creativity, etc) knowing that she is second from the bottom of the seniority list and that no matter how small (or big) an impending RIF is...she is done come June????? Well...give her the class of her dreams seems to be the answer. I am on cloud nine and soooooooo thankful.

Before closing ( of the room in completion will be posted this weekend...hopefully) I wanted to share the funniest thing I have watched in a long time...all day PD workshops might be grueling...but humor always saves the day. Click HERE and enjoy!

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