Friday, December 16

Donors Choose Project Funded!

My first ever Donors Choose Project was funded recently! I am still in disbelief. Our classroom now has an official listening center...with hooks to hang headphones, storage for books on tape/cd, and the works! The kids were excited when it an early Christmas present! Now to begin work on our thank you notes. What a blessing. I should have tried out Donors Choose years ago. It's so awesome to see people's generosity in action...reaching out to our kiddos. What an awesome program. If you have never started a classroom project before, check it out. It really works! :)


Laura Starnes said...

Congrats!! So glad your project was funded (I've got to get my thank you notes done too)! Where did you find those adorable seats?!! I LOVE them!

Kinder Kraziness

Mrs. W. said...

Hi Laura! Thank you for the congratulations. You are very sweet. Aren't the seats fun? I actually "inherited" them from the retired K teacher who left me his room this summer. Look up Little Tykes Big Waffle Blocks...they cost about $100 for a set from what I can see. But, you might create a new Donor's Choose project for them...always a way, right?!
Best wishes!

Erin said...

I'm so glad your project was funded, what a great feeling. If anyone is interested in donating further, please check out my project!