Tuesday, January 31

Love Connections!

I think one of the best parts of teaching is watching our students make connections between what they're learning. Last week's combined theme of snowmen (postponed from our snowed-out week) and Chinese New Year provided an interesting background for connection making! Check out this adorable writing project we completed after reading Snowmen All Year by Carolyn Buehner (you can download the paper from Fabulous in First right HERE)...
If I had a snowman all year we would go to the Chinese parade and see the dragon.
And I saw a dog! Gung Hey Fat Choy!
This had me giggling to say the least. I love connections! Other snowman ideas follow...
...play at the park. 
...ride a rollercoaster.

...vacation to Hawaii. It was fun with the snowman.

We will go to ballet. We are dancing.

...go to the park and play with me, my mom, and dad.
My brother will make this.

...play games on my DSiXL.

...read under a tree.
In addition to the snowmen, we did work on Chinese New Year projects. Here is how the lanterns, dragon puppets, red packets, and tangrams turned out...

All-in-all a fabulously fun week! This week we're moving on to groundhogs...only five today said they had ever heard of Groundhog's Day before. But, they loved hearing about the tradition. There are a number of groundhog freebies available right now...check out Miss Kindergarten and First Grade Blue Skies for starters!

Keep smiling...and thanks for reading!