Sunday, January 15

Not Again!

As planned, I read Martin's Big Words to my kinders on Thursday. They were very engaged during the whole story, but disappointed with the ending. I explained that while it did have a sad ending, it was a true story...that even though we might be sad about it, we still remember Martin Luther King today for what he did for our country.  They seemed to reconcile with that idea and moved on to their projects.

On Friday, however, when I read Happy Birthday Martin Luther King, it was apparent that they were still discontented with this little bit of American history. As soon as I read, "On April 4, 1968 Martin Luther King was shot" there was a collective..."Not Again!" though they believed it would end differently. Maybe next year one biography of Dr. King will suffice!

So while I had hoped to see my kinders write something like "Thank you!" in their birthday cards for Martin Luther King Jr., I ended up with many that looked like this:

 :/  Kindergarten projects like these should probably go home with a disclaimer!

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Kelly said...

I just started following your blog--that "not again!" comment from your class about MLK is just too cute and sums up kinders so well. Good hearts, concerned, caring, interested, but not quite getting the big picture yet:)

Stop by my blog if you get a chance...Thanks!

"Kindergarten Kel