Tuesday, January 10

Seagulls and Senior Moments

It's January. My class is doing well. It is so nice to get up each morning and head into the classroom looking forward to the day. We are 75 days into the year and I am having so much fun. We have even maintained choice in Daily 5 (by this time every other year I have removed choice and instituted a set rotation). In fact, behaviors are quite in the norm and very well managed with the clip chart. I find myself wondering if using the clip chart would have worked wonders for my more challenging classes of years past...or if I am really just blessed with an amazing class this year. Either way...with a class of 24 all day kindergarteners...I'll take it.  Soon I need to post updated pics and projects...for now here are a couple of cute stories for you...

Do you have seagulls at your school?  Enough of them hang around our school that one might think we were seaside...don't we wish? While we do not have a lovely ocean view, we are near enough to inlets off of the Puget Sound and to the Hood Canal that numerous seagulls find it worth the short flight to hang around the playground in hopes of nabbing dropped crackers. Today however, one particularly pesky seagull managed to nab an entire sack lunch. Our students have recess before lunch and so take their lunches outside with them (placing them in bins until the whistle blows). The gutsy gull picked up a full paper sack out of the lunch bin and took it up to the roof. My little kindergarten buddy could only stand there and watch as his lunch flew away. Poor guy had to settle for a bean burrito hot lunch. When I asked him what had happened to his lunch later, his response was a simple..."a bird stoled it."

I had to laugh (but I really hope it doesn't happen again). The biggest laugh this week was on me though. While I admit that I am not exactly young...coming up on celebrating the second anniversary of my 39th birthday...I'm not exactly old either. Imagine my chagrin at receiving a Senior Living magazine in the mail yesterday...yes, sadly addressed misaddressed to me. My husband is still laughing. Me...not so much. Now how did that happen??

More later...keep smiling!


S. Parker said...

Maybe, I will have a second anniversary of my 39th birthday as well this year. Hmmm...I may have to do that.

Kristin said...

Ha!!!! I read the seagull story to my hubs and we both laughed. :) I love the simple "A bird stoled it."
Senior magazine??? CRUEL!
And I'm with you on this second 39th bday. MIne's sneaking up on me!
A Teeny Tiny Teacher

Mrs. Krouskop-Smith said...

I had to laugh at your magazine incident. I am the same age ("celebrating" the 3rd anniversary of my 39th birthday later this month) and just before Christmas, I received a mailing misaddressed to me from the Scooter Store! My husband laughed too.

Mrs. W. said...

I love you guys! Thanks for sharing in my outlook on age...whatever it takes to stay positive, right!