Thursday, February 2

If you can think it...

I heard this little chant on Monday at an in-service...and tried it out on my class on Tuesday. It goes like this:

"If I can think it--I can say it.
If I can say it--I can write it.
If I can write it--I can read it.
And so can you!"

The class picked right up on it. So, during writer's workshop, I repeated it a few more times as they wrote. I was hopeful that it struck a chord with a few of them, but the proof came the next day. After Wednesday's writer's workshop, one of my low babies came up to me to show me his journal. He had drawn a picture of a ship with people on it (nicely detailed at that) and written the sentence, "Pirates in the sea."

This is a little guy who has not even begun to write first sounds yet...and his sentence was readable! I asked him if he'd had some help sounding out his words. "No...I did it myself." I asked him to tell me how he had figured it out. "You said if I can say it I can write it...yeah, I did that...and if I can write it I can read it...I did that too. I read it to you!"  I am still giddy!

Another one of my cuties said she'd thought up a new verse..."If I can read it--I can do it!" She was very proud.  Then she came up to me one more time and said she had thought of still another verse..."If I can read it--I can learn it!" Hmmm...I think this one should become a teacher--I love her insight!

I just love it when simple things like this work like magic!