Tuesday, March 27

What Came First...the Chicken or the Egg?

We have been learning about oviparous animals the past two weeks. The class has gotten very good at identifying the word, what it means, and which animals are oviparous. We did picture sorts, read books, and made books. I like the book "Whose Eggs are These?" from Reading AtoZ (membership required). Our culminating activity today was  having a visit from a mother hen and four small chicks.

A wonderful parent offered to cage her birds and bring them to class or us to observe. The kids were very excited and of course equally curious. We had a question and answer session and wouldn't you know...the proverbial question got asked by a 5 year old!  "What was first...the chicken or the egg?" So we took a vote: 7 said the chicken came first and 12 said the egg had to come first...4 abstained, Too adorable.

After our visit, we worked on a chicken life cycle activity for our science journals. A copy of that activity is below. First, here are some pictures from our "egg-citing" morning!

We learned eggs are not all white.

Four sweet chicks

Tons of excitement trying to see.

Aren't they cute?

Mama was a little camera shy.

And as promised...a chicken life cycle freebie for you!
The hen lays an egg

HERE is a link to a good oviparous animals sort that we used.  It comes from Happy Brown House and really made the kids think.  It cracked me up how many kinders asked me if pigs lay eggs!

Many other good ideas for an oviparous animal unit can be found HERE.

Best wishes...and may your kids crack you up as much as mine did!  =)

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