Thursday, June 28

Cerulean Daze of Summer!

School is finally out for the summer!  Monday was our last day.  This year was the latest into June I have ever taught.  It was a wonderful year though.  And, I am already missing my little cherubs.  I sent them each off with a notebook to journal away their summer days...I am hopeful that they will keep writing.  My daughter Jessica designed the journal covers for me which I trimmed and glued on the front.  The notebooks were leftovers kicking around the room, so the only real cost of these little gifts was the four dollar pencil and eraser set we purchased to go with.  Not bad.

Jessica has opened a Teacher's Notebook shop, Cerulean Daze.  She is a computer science/technical design major and loves to draw.  She has been outdrawing me since she was five.  She has a few sets up and ready to go...and is working on many more.  All of her clipart is available for personal, classroom, and commercial use.  You are welcome to use any of her art in your TpT and Teacher's Notebook products.  Please just credit Cerulean Daze on each product you create.  You will love that her images are high resolution, effortlessly resizable, and have clear backgrounds...and of course absolutely adorable!

The Summer Journal covers are available to you as a freebie from us to celebrate the grand opening of Cerulean Daze!  Below you can see a picture of how our finished journals turned out.  Enjoy!

I hope you are enjoying the real cerulean days of summer...I am looking out at beautiful blue skies as I type.  Please let us know what you think of Jessica's Cerulean Daze...we love comments!  =)

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