Thursday, July 19

I'm In! Teacher Tone Up Challenge...

I just stumbled on a new linky party.  It will be the toughest one yet...because it will require ongoing commitment. But...the cool part?  It is about taking care of ME.  Now that is something I generally do not prioritize.  We are all guilty of it…we focus our time and energy on taking care of our family, our students, and our friends.  While the truth is that we could better take care of others if we take care of ourselves first. Sooooo friends…who’s in?  I am.  If you are too…click the button above and link up for support, encouragement, accountability, and a new you!  Thank you to Kimberlee Fulbright @ Two Fulbright Hugs for getting this going! =)

So here are my goals…
Goal #1--Get active
    I hate exercise…ever since middle school PE class.  It’s never been my thing.  It means getting sweaty.  It makes my hair frizz.  It hurts.  I’m not good at it.  I’m not a morning person, so I am not motivated to exercise before work.  I’m exhausted after work.  I live in Washington where it rains a lot…who wants to walk/run in the rain?  THERE…you’ve heard my excuses.  Lame, huh?  Give me time and I’ll give you more.  Obviously, that will be my biggest hurdle.

If I am going to do this…I am going to need to CHANGE MY ATTITUDE and JUST DO IT!

Goal #2--Eat healthy
   I am not overweight.  My weight does fluxuate…and there are a few pounds I could stand to lose this summer.  I do not know my BMI.  But mostly I want to focus on nutrition.  I know I do not eat as healthily as I should or could or would…whatever.  I read about it.  I know.  However, family seems to complicate food.  My wonderful husband has largely taken over the shopping & cooking.  Wonderful, yes.  Healthy, no.  This will require a bit of planning and talking.  It can be done.

Baby Steps
I will start this week with a daily walk…two laps around our loop is a mile and a half.  And for my arms…I will carry my itty bitty weights.  My eventual goal is to build up to running.  So, my task for today is to read up on how to do that.  I have a friend on Facebook who keeps posting about her progress on Couch to 5K…I will let you know what I learn.  

Soon I will post about some longer term goals and my plans for reaching them.  First I need to do some legwork and know what I’m talking about.

I hope you will join the Teacher Tone Up Challenge too…I need all the encouragement and accountability I can get!  Now…to find those running shoes…  

=) Angela  


Kimberlee :) said...

Yay - this is a start!!! Proud of you already:) Now, how did the walking go this past week? I slacked some, so going to have to get back with it starting tomorrow... I am SO lazy!!! I posted a tip on my site under teacher tone up, so see if that may be helpful:) Keep it up!!

~ Kimberlee ~

Two Fulbright Hugs

Angela W. said...

Hi Kimberlee!
Well…I did walk the first day. And then I went on vacation. :/ But, I managed two walks while in Idaho. Changing habits definitely takes effort! I appreciate your keeping me honest! I will definitely be keeping it up.