Thursday, August 9

Back in the Classroom again

Ready or not…here we go!  I can’t believe it is August (and a full week down already too)!  That means school days are fast approaching and it is high time to get the classroom organized.  This is the first year that I have not had to change classrooms…can I hear a huge “hurrah” for that!

I ventured into school for the first time on Monday to take my before pictures.  This is what was waiting for me…a much more manageable mountain than last year.

The next two days I recruited some help and began the task of arranging the big things. I knew that my carpet area would be in a different location (due to finally getting a projector and document camera…and only having one spot in my room where the computer can hook up).  So, I set to work redesigning the overall layout.  It’s a work in progress yet, but here are some pics…
Library Corner
Teacher Desk (and one helper ready to go home)
Beginnings of carpet area w/projector table.
Small group area (for Title I Para). I will teach my small groups at the carpet.

I accomplished some more this morning…some…not a lot.  Tomorrow I will get to work on some walls and more of the nitty gritty organizing.  What do you think so far?  Does anyone else teach their small groups at the carpet?  I’m thinking of getting some of these lap trays from Michaels…$6 this week.
They can hold books, warm-ups, pointers, EZC reader strips, pencils, etc.  Sitting at the carpet will allow me to utilize the projector and document camera during groups when I want.  And, my Title I para can stay in the room with me instead of pulling kids out.  I’m hoping this will work well.

Now that I am back in the room and making progress, I am feeling more excited for the new school year to start.  This summer has been much to short, but it is time to get ready to nurture my new ones.

I will post “finished” pictures later!  


Lisa R. said...

So far, so good! I can't wait to see your finished pictures! :)
Learning Is Something to Treasure

Mrs. Greene said...

Looks good! Keep those pictures coming. I love to see other classrooms.


Chrissy said...

I like the "fence" at the side of your desk--nice touch!

I've also thought of using the lap desks. Go for it!

Angela W. said...

Lap desks bought today! Bulletin board paper hung…calendar area of board started. Some clutter put away…more clutter made. This is going to take a while...