Wednesday, August 1

First Day of School

I am joining Jodi at Fun in First's What’s Your Favorite Back to School Activity? linky party!

As part of our first day of school, I like to read the book I Went Walking by Sue Williams.  The repetitive pattern makes it easy for the kinders to feel like readers on their first day of school.  Since it is about taking a walk and seeing what you can see, it leads nicely into a tour of the school.  When we return, we are ready to make our very first classroom book I Went Walking.  This is a great time to review what we talked about on our tour and emphasize some school rules and procedures. The classroom book will then become a fast favorite during Daily 5 Read to Self or Read to Someone.  To make the book, I have photos of each school person we will see on our walk to glue onto the pages.  I then laminate (or slip each page into a sleeve) and bind.

For your copy of I Went Walking, just click the picture.

To get a copy of my I Went Walking class book click the image and enjoy.

Another activity to go along with this book is making character puppets for retelling the story.  We practice our first sight words “I” and “see” over and over.  We will mark them with highlight tape in the book, sing HeidiSongs See Song, learn sign language for both words, and complete our first journal entry using the prompt “I see ______.”

This is just one of our first day of school activities.  But, it is a favorite.  Now…what do you do on the first day?  Link up and share!

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