Wednesday, August 22

Meet & Greet Freebie

I have been tirelessly working working myself to exhaustion in my classroom to get it ready. Next week is our Meet & Greet.  While the room is “set up”…it is far from organized and the mess is not getting any better no matter what I do!  I definitely have some long hours ahead of me to get it all put away.  I am trying so hard to avoid stuffing it in bins and under tables to “hide” it again.  This girl just wants to be organized and not have the stress of the mess.

I have made some posters to place above bins at Meet & Greet to collect supplies in.  At least that way the supply drop-off will not create even more mess for me.  You are welcome to the signs if you can use them. I will most likely not have time to tailor new ones, but I think they hit the basics.

Now…back to our regularly scheduled mess management!  Pictures coming soon!

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EFL Preschool Teachers said...

I just left a link at my Facebook Group: ESL/EFL Preschool Teachers.
Loved your resources...great for English Language Teachers.