Friday, August 3

More Books and Freebies

Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Patridge

This story is so sweet.  Wilfrid’s elderly friend Nancy loses her memory and he is determined to find it.  He asks the other residents of the home where Nancy lives what a memory is and then goes looking for items that might be Miss Nancy’s memories.  While each item is a memory of his own, they magically spark Miss Nancy’s own memories too.  This story always makes me smile.  It leads to wonderful discussions of friendship, memories, and making connections.

You can listen to this story on Storyline Online by clicking here.
Here is a response sheet to go with the story.

Velma Gratch and the Way Cool Butterfly

Don’t you just love her name and her pigtails?  This book has a lot…amazing illustrations, rich vocabulary, science correlation, and a truly wonderful story.  The main character Velma is the youngest of the three Gratch sisters and finds it hard to be noticed in the shadow of her sisters’ accomplishments.  Instead of being compared to them, she wants to make her own shadow.  Her efforts at being noticed do not go well (she is the first Gratch sister to get sent to the principal) until her class takes a field trip to the Butterfly Conservatory.  Then everything changes!

A Place to Grow

This is a must-read book when you are teaching about seeds and plants.  It is such a sweet story about a seed traveling on the wind looking for a place to grow.  Just when you think she has found the perfect spot, something happens and she needs to go.  My favorite part of the book is the ending when the seed finds her place to grow…and then the author finishes with “The Beginning” instead of “The End.”  I always follow up this story with a writing prompt that asks the students to finish the story.  They draw and write what they think the seed will grow into.

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