Monday, September 24

Sneaky Sneakers

Oh my…if I do not stop rhyming everything I say…the good Drs. (not Suess) will have to take me away!  The kinders love it!  It gets their attention.  It even promotes their phonemic awareness.  But, sometimes I feel like I’ve lost it!  =P

"Pencils away, papers in your tray!”  
“I talk to kids in their chair with their hand in the air!”  
“Just walking, no talking.”  

Here was the latest…

(Let me set the stage for you.  We were coming in from recess where it was raining.  Yes, I took five year olds out into Washingtonian drizzle.  Their shoes were wet.  Their shoes were squeaking.  My head was splitting after a looooonng day.  Thinking on my feet, out tumbled these words…)

I’m listening for Sneaky Sneakers…not Squeaky Squeakers.  Who’s got sneaky sneaker feet…not squeaky squeaker feet? (And so forth…all the long way down the hall until we found our carpeted room.)  Did it work?  Yes, it did.  Would I recommend it?  Yes, I would.  Did I get strange looks from everyone we passed?  Umm, yes I did.  Please don’t call the Drs. on me just yet.

What are some of your favorite rhyming classroom sayings that get you through the day?

Sunday, September 23

Color Names Emergent Reader

We are working on color names (in addition to so many other basics) this week.  We have already read I Went Walking and Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? and made retell books for each story.  This week, I plan on reading the book A Color of My Own by Leo Lionni.  To go along with this story and support our continued learning of color words, I made up a little emergent reader. In addition to color words, it also emphasizes practice of our first sight words: I, see, a.  Click the image below to get your own copy.

Have a great week everyone!

Saturday, September 22

Two Weeks Down…and t.i.r.e.d.

Two weeks of kindergarten…are…done!  All-in-all, I would say it went fairly well.  Okay, so I did have one running around in nothing but his underpants on the third day of school…and throwing crayons in every possible direction around the room on the fourth day of school…and suspended for slapping on the eleventh day of school.  But, other than that…it was your typical start of kindergarten…lots of carpet practice, line practice, hand washing practice, hand raising practice, learn the rules, learn their names, different activity every 15 minutes, singing-and-rhyming-from-9-to-3, on-your-feet-nonstop-don’t-get-to-sit-down-until-dinner, in-bed-by-8-to-start-it-all-over-the-next-day kind of two weeks.  What a whirlwind!

DIBELS is done.  Baseline Kindergarten Assessment Tests are done.  Open House is over with too.  This week we can get through vision and hearing testing…and school pictures.  Title services start on Monday and then we will be on a roll!

Pete the Cat has been a fast favorite.  Oh how I wish there were more books!  There could have been nothing cuter than my 23 little sprouts singing “my buttons, my buttons, my four groovy buttons…” last week!  I am anxious to get Daily 5 and small groups rolling.  I thrive on the routine as much (or more) than the kids do.  We’ve been working on stamina and expected behaviors.  I will be glad to get some serious learning underway…we’ve got a lot to do!

Pre-Assessments indicate a serious need to focus on letter names, colors, identifying numbers, and name writing.  That’s what we’ve been spending our time on…as well as reading all of my favorite beginning of the year books.  I’ve even begun reading our first chapter book of the year (earliest ever)…Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle…and they are entertained and listening.  Wow.

Wish me luck with my streaking-crayon-chucker-arounder (suggestions always most welcome)! I hope your beginning of the year is a success!

I’ll leave you with a slideshow of our first week activities…

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Friday, September 14

Kindergarten Common Core

Are you using Common Core Standards? Have you seen this yet?

I followed a link posted by Fran at Kindergarten Crayons to discover this AMAZING 600 page Kindergarten Common Core resource book.  This book is designed to help teachers meet the common core standards in their classroom!  I downloaded the available free sample for a sneak peak at the insides.  The workbook includes a variety of worksheets,  activity ideas for centers,  and posters.  Resources are available for each standard in Language Arts and Math. The activities are well-designed and include some popular and super cute graphics…very kinder-friendly.

As a Kindergarten teacher who has just started learning to implement common core standards, this is a MUST HAVE book for me! It is available for $39.99.  You can see for yourself by clicking the link to head over to the  Kindergarten Common Core workbook page! By the way, if you’re a blogger and you blog about this book, you can get one for FREE until September 16th. Details are described here.

Monday, September 3

Let’s Celebrate!

I’m in the mood to celebrate!  School begins on Wednesday…and I am feeling ready.  I made my LAST student loan payment today.  I get to pick up my new car tomorrow…my own beautiful little 2013 metallic bronze Kia excited!  AND I have just hit 300 followers!  It’s a happy day folks!

So, celebrate with me!  I am giving away a teacher’s helper apron to one lucky follower.

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Good luck!  =)

Congratulations Julie Z!  Please email me with your mailing information and I will send you your new apron!  =)