Monday, September 24

Sneaky Sneakers

Oh my…if I do not stop rhyming everything I say…the good Drs. (not Suess) will have to take me away!  The kinders love it!  It gets their attention.  It even promotes their phonemic awareness.  But, sometimes I feel like I’ve lost it!  =P

"Pencils away, papers in your tray!”  
“I talk to kids in their chair with their hand in the air!”  
“Just walking, no talking.”  

Here was the latest…

(Let me set the stage for you.  We were coming in from recess where it was raining.  Yes, I took five year olds out into Washingtonian drizzle.  Their shoes were wet.  Their shoes were squeaking.  My head was splitting after a looooonng day.  Thinking on my feet, out tumbled these words…)

I’m listening for Sneaky Sneakers…not Squeaky Squeakers.  Who’s got sneaky sneaker feet…not squeaky squeaker feet? (And so forth…all the long way down the hall until we found our carpeted room.)  Did it work?  Yes, it did.  Would I recommend it?  Yes, I would.  Did I get strange looks from everyone we passed?  Umm, yes I did.  Please don’t call the Drs. on me just yet.

What are some of your favorite rhyming classroom sayings that get you through the day?

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