Saturday, September 22

Two Weeks Down…and t.i.r.e.d.

Two weeks of kindergarten…are…done!  All-in-all, I would say it went fairly well.  Okay, so I did have one running around in nothing but his underpants on the third day of school…and throwing crayons in every possible direction around the room on the fourth day of school…and suspended for slapping on the eleventh day of school.  But, other than that…it was your typical start of kindergarten…lots of carpet practice, line practice, hand washing practice, hand raising practice, learn the rules, learn their names, different activity every 15 minutes, singing-and-rhyming-from-9-to-3, on-your-feet-nonstop-don’t-get-to-sit-down-until-dinner, in-bed-by-8-to-start-it-all-over-the-next-day kind of two weeks.  What a whirlwind!

DIBELS is done.  Baseline Kindergarten Assessment Tests are done.  Open House is over with too.  This week we can get through vision and hearing testing…and school pictures.  Title services start on Monday and then we will be on a roll!

Pete the Cat has been a fast favorite.  Oh how I wish there were more books!  There could have been nothing cuter than my 23 little sprouts singing “my buttons, my buttons, my four groovy buttons…” last week!  I am anxious to get Daily 5 and small groups rolling.  I thrive on the routine as much (or more) than the kids do.  We’ve been working on stamina and expected behaviors.  I will be glad to get some serious learning underway…we’ve got a lot to do!

Pre-Assessments indicate a serious need to focus on letter names, colors, identifying numbers, and name writing.  That’s what we’ve been spending our time on…as well as reading all of my favorite beginning of the year books.  I’ve even begun reading our first chapter book of the year (earliest ever)…Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle…and they are entertained and listening.  Wow.

Wish me luck with my streaking-crayon-chucker-arounder (suggestions always most welcome)! I hope your beginning of the year is a success!

I’ll leave you with a slideshow of our first week activities…

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Greg Smedley said...

My first year in kindergarten I had a 7 year old mute streaker who also loved food so we were always wrestling over my sonic drink. He also loved women's breasts and would put his hands down my pangs every time he got near me. My solution was to make him wear a backpack full of encyclopedias. He was so tired from the weight tthat his behavior did improve!


Smedley's Smorgasboard of Kindergarten

Angela W. said...

Rats…and I donated my encyclopedias to the local public library! You do have a point…maybe a weighted vest would help? He is definitely a boy on the go!
Thanks for the smile…I needed that!