Saturday, October 27

Where oh Where has October Gone?

♫ "Where...oh where...has October gone?
Where...oh where...can it be???
Can you believe
That this week’s Halloween…
Oh I just want to scream…” 
It’s been a wild ride.  We are in our groove (for the most part…not counting those days when the barometer drops significantly…or full moon days…or freakishly occurring bouts of impending holiday syndrome).  On our good days, the kinders seem to be getting into the routine of things and doing pretty well following the rules.  We’ve been rocking the behavior clip chart, whole brain teaching (smiley/frownie, class/yes, teach/okay, mirrors, etc.), math workstations, and Daily 5.  The Daily 5 Stamina King and Queen are coveted positions (Thank you Mel @ Suesstastic!).  And when I ask them to tell me why we do Daily 5, they tell me “to build stamina,” “to learn,” and “so we can be readers.”  It does my heart good!

We spent a couple of weeks working on our apple unit and a couple more weeks working on our pumpkin unit.  Both were a lot of fun.  Of course my camera could be sitting in plain sight on my desk and I would forget to take pictures in the midst of kinder chaos.  But, our hallway proudly displays some of our learning activities.

Up this week, we will begin learning about bats.  I am excited.  I helped out at Barnes & Noble last weekend for our school’s fundraiser event and did some reading in the children’s area.  Here I am reading one of my favorites…Stellaluna.

While I was there, I stumbled on a new book…Nightsong.  It is precious!  The little bat learns to navigate the dark world at night using his “good sense.” You will love the message, the beautiful artwork, and how it subtly teaches about bats.  You can bet that both books are on my list for the classroom this week.

Our traditional school-wide Halloween costume parade will take place on Wednesday.  My own costume is still a work in progress, but I will try to post a picture Wednesday evening to share.  For now, just know that I will be groovin’ in hightops, buttons, and whiskers.  Shhh…don’t tell the kids if you’ve already guessed.  

Alright…I have a newsletter to write before date night begins here (hubs and I are going to see Cloud Atlas tonight).  So, off to work I go!  

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