Saturday, July 27

Summer Vacation is for the Birds!

I am 5 1/2 weeks into summer “vacation”…with a mere 4 weeks to go until PD days start. Where does the time go??? I knew this was going to be a working vacation this year…so many projects to complete and planning for CCSS implementation this fall.  However, who knew that the first (albeit biggest) project would take half of the summer?!  I considered posting this on a Monday Made-It, but it is absolutely not school-related (nor a quick and easy DIY). Anyhow…Check out what I’ve been up to! This year summer vacation has definitely been for the birds!

Yes…that is a chicken coop. My DH decided to channel his inner farmer and give urban chicken farming a go. He brought home four chicks on May 1st who got to live in a brooder set up in a corner of our large kitchen until the dust and "eau de farm” got them moved to the garage. In the meantime, we started building an outdoor coop. With only weekends at our disposal it was a slow start. Once school let out I got busy trying to get the crazy thing finished. As it turns out, chickens grow REALLY FAST! They quickly outgrew their brooder and needed bigger digs!

Baby Chicks under Heat Lamp
Chickens at 3 months old…so much bigger!

Now...I did have many other summer projects in mind for myself (all school-related) like shelving, seat covers, book bags, more crate seats, etc…etc…in addition to working on aligning curriculum to CCSS which our district is implementing this fall...but priorities got shifted.  

I must tell you that construction work (even on this small of a scale) is hard work! I have some new muscle tone in my arms from lifting, sawing, hammering, and drilling! I’m feeling pretty buff actually! And I can’t remember the last time my arms have been so tan!  I guess it has been worth it…just a few finishing touches to go (don’t you think DH should finish these up for me?).   I am officially shifting my focus to all things kindergarten.  I will justify my time loss with the idea that maybe these chickens will reward me with eggs that I can hatch in class next year.  This is a real possibility since one of those cute little chicks has grown into a rooster!

Check back soon to see what else I can manage to accomplish before school starts…the countdown is on!  No pressure…haha (tick…tick…tick…tick…)!!  First up on the agenda is finishing reading the new edition of Reading with Meaning by Debbie Miller (rewritten with a focus on CCSS)…and outlining my literacy curriculum.  When I get antsy or brain-fried…I’ll fit in classroom DIY projects (hopefully at least one per week).  BTW...Has anyone read the new edition of Miller’s book?  So far I’m loving it…especially the way she has organized it by month.  It is going to be a huge help as I structure my plans.  If you haven’t read it, I would highly recommend it!

Updates soon!

Thanks for reading!

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