Kinder Tales…or why I teach kindergarten:

It's Friday afternoon bus duty. I'm standing with the parent pick-up kids by the flagpole. One of my kinders is waiting with me. After a short while I am asked, "Mrs. Wageman...are you waiting for your mommy to pick you up too?" Priceless.

One little guy was complaining during small group that his neck hurt because he had to sleep on the floor the previous night. He added that he had to sleep on the floor because he had wet the bed. Bless the empathy of kindergarteners...his buddy patted him on the shoulder and said, "Don't worry, I used to be a wet-bedder too." 

It's Writer's Workshop time in kindergarten. I hear, "Mrs you want to see the video?" I start thinking to myself, "Video? Video? What video?" And then he flips his journal up in front of his little face and begins narrating the action in his picture story...sound effects and all.  LOL!

It's's the beginning of the year. I am doing some baseline testing on my kiddos to see where they are on alphabet and letter sound knowledge. When they're not sure I'm getting "I don't know", "I forgot", wild guesses, and of course a few deer in the headlights looks. Then I ask one little sweetie to tell me what a particular letter is and with the best answer of the day she whispers..."'s a secret!"

"Mmmm...You smell just like my grammy!" How does one take that announcement? I was a little stunned...but amused. I asked her if that was a good thing and she said, "Yes!" Could it be the dried lavender I put in my dresser drawer? I'm still a little I really smell like a grammy? :o) 

"But, we're just li'l kids..." --response during a class discussion about making good choices.  

(kinder)"Mrs. W. I just ran 60 miles!" (me)"Wow! That's a miracle!" (kinder)"It's not a's a LOT!" (palm hits forehead)

"Mrs. Wageman you are one silly woman!”

“Mrs. Wageman…I like it when you smile.  It makes your circles go up!” 


Jennifer said...

Haha... that was cute! I love it! =)

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Angela Wageman said...

Thanks Jennifer...aren't kindergarteners the best?! So much fun. I will be adding to this page come September...wait and see!

Mel D said...

Thanks for joining the linky party! I used to teach Kindergarten & they have no
Peace, Mel D
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lauren said...

I can relate with the secret. I had a four year old one year that only whispered his answers. Gotta love them!

Lisa R. said...

That is so hilarious!! It is so funny to hear what comes out of the mouths of kids sometimes! :) I'm a new follower!! I look forward to following along! :)
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